Bunny Girl Organic Cotton Towel Set

Bunny Girl Organic Cotton Towel Set

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Havi Baby products are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Our mission is to widen the use of organic infant, baby, and child clothing made in harmony with nature. Due to the high-quality clean organic cotton, our clothes and textiles are comfortable and not irritating the babies' skin. Our baby clothing and textile accessories don't contain any unnatural substances such as bleaching and chemical dyes, they are especially advantageous for sensitive babies with weak immune systems.

These adorable and comfortable Havi Baby organic cotton baby bathing sets are available in several colors and patterns.

The set contains 

1 towel bathrobe
1 towel
1 washing towel
1 pair of slippers

Minimum order quantity: 500 euros. Orders not exceeding 500 euros will not be completed.

Havi Baby wholesales premium quality Turkish 100% cotton and 100% certified organic cotton infant and baby clothing and textile accessories.  Havi Baby wholesales infant and baby clothing from 0 months to 3 years old age. We also distribute high-quality 100% cotton and 100% certified organic cotton textile baby accessories.

We aim to support small businesses by providing them with top-quality products at affordable prices and low minimum order volumes.

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