Lady Animals Pyjamas, 4 in a Set

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These Soft Feet Pyjamas are made with 100% cotton, a comfortable fabric that is perfectly breathable to avoid irritation of the baby's delicate skin. They are appropriate to wear as newborn pajamas as they are made to meet all safe sleep standards. They are also available in sizes up to 0-5M to fit older or larger babies.

The Animals Printed Pyjamas features a button at the front of the outfit to allow for quick and easy diaper changes. This Button makes the sleeping baby incredibly easy to put on and take off. These baby sleepers are fitted with feet to add extra warmth which is wonderful for sleep time as well as if there is a chill in the air.

A set contains those sizes:

  • 50cm Newborn
  • 56cm 0-3 month
  • 62cm 3-5 month
  • %100 Organic

One pack contains the product in each size. The price contains the whole pack with all the sizes in it.

Minimum order quantity: 500 euros. Orders not exceeding 500 euros will not be completed.

Havi Baby products are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Our mission is to widen the use of organic infant, baby, and child clothing made in harmony with nature. Due to the high-quality clean organic cotton, our clothes and textiles are comfortable and do not irritate the babies' skin. Our baby clothing and textile accessories don't contain any unnatural substances such as bleaching and chemical dyes, they are especially advantageous for sensitive babies with weak immune systems.

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