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These Frozen Penguin 2pcs Set Nile bodies are super comfortable and easy to put on the babies. Due to the high-quality certified natural cotton fabric, our bodies are hypoallergenic and they are also chemical-free. They are super smooth and extremely moisture absorbent. You can find various designs in various styles and colors. Natural and relaxed feeling to the overall pattern, absolutely satisfying the choices of little boys and girls.

This Frozen Penguin Clothing design is a fun sarcastic, smart, geek style, perfect for the youth who is celebrating an anniversary. It is excellent for a themed birthday party, gift for new parents, gift for your family member's babies. Child unisex baby long sleeve bodysuits with lots of room for movement. Easy to change the diaper or any accessories, reducing the trouble of needing to be carried off and replaced. So do not delay purchasing this item.

A set contains those sizes:

  • 62cm 3-5 month
  • 68cm 6-9 month
  • 74cm 9-12 month
  • 80cm 12-18month
  • %100 Organic
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