Natural Circus Bath Towel

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Our Natural Circus Bath Towel is fashioned with super delicate and soft terry cloth, our unisex baby hooded bath sheets are wonderful for everyday usage at bath time or for pool. The super-soft washcloths highlight charming prints which look very cute. Babies consume an excellent part of their lives in the bath. You’ll experience the convenience of cleaning with quality washcloths and children will enjoy the flexibility of the washcloths against their skin.

The Hooded Bath Sheets with adorable patterns will make the bathing baby a delight. Each terry washcloth highlights a lightly textured surface. The light washcloths are the ideal thickness for hard-to-reach spaces. When the child comes out of the bath, wrap your little one in one of our refreshing hooded towels to get dry swiftly and stay comfortable. This beautiful baby bath set for newborns is the perfect present for new parents.

A set contains those sizes:

  • 85x90 cm
  • %100 organic

One pack contains the product in each size mentioned above. The price contains the whole pack with all the sizes in it.

Minimum order quantity: 500 euros. Orders not exceeding 500 euros will not be completed.

Havi Baby products are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Our mission is to widen the use of organic infant, baby, and child clothing made in harmony with nature. Due to the high-quality clean organic cotton, our clothes and textiles are comfortable and do not irritate the babies' skin. Our baby clothing and textile accessories don't contain any unnatural substances such as bleaching and chemical dyes, they are especially advantageous for sensitive babies with weak immune systems.

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