About Us

Bibaby is a garment manufacture company founded in 2012, however our experts have years of valuable experience in cotton baby clothing production and baby apparel design. 

We are doing everything in our power to protect the environment and apply ethical production practices which includes paying a fair price for our cotton textile manufacturers and fair wage to all the workers participating in our production process. We guard our integrity and not ever compromise on the safety of our workers and abide environmental policy. We aim to design and make timeless pieces with high quality that can dress generations of babies.

Aksem manufactures 100% cotton and GOT certified 100% organic cotton baby clothing. Cotton is the most favored textile to make baby clothing because it’s a natural product and it controls moisture exceptionally well moreover, it’s hypoallergenic, non-irritating, waterproof and soft.

Our vision is to make and distribute premium quality, non-toxic, clean baby clothing at an affordable price. Our clothes and accessories are manufactured in Turkey and we work hard to carry on the prestige of Turkish garments. We want to see generations of children growing up healthy in clean and livable environment. 

Ethically made toxin-free, high quality baby clothing must be available for everybody. What can we do to enhance sustainable business models and make ethical labor a common practice? Us, as a manufacturer-distributor have to show an example in the industry that it is possible to make high-quality, clean baby clothing at a reasonable price without exploiting labor and the environment. As consumers, you can make a choice to shop ethical, sustainable and cruelty free items and you can encourage your favorite brands to switch to sustainable and ethical business practices.

Together, we can make a difference.

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